Re-Elect Anita Williams-Brown School Board At Large

Dr. Anita Williams-Brown 

"Able To Deliver"


As a member of the Dougherty County School Board, Dr. Brown has been an effective member whose influence has included impacting student retention and promoting a more balanced student-teacher class ratio.  She seeks re-election to continue her expansion as a board member. 



       · Involving community members in

          setting system goals

       · Continue efforts to decrease

          dropout rate

      · Increase student achievement and

          parental involvement

        · Balancing the budget without

           increasing furlough days

 Tasks accomplished during term on School Board

·  INCREASED Parental involvement by 42% with ICARE program

·  Parent/Teacher conferences – 3,249

·  INCREASED Partner participation up to 250

·  DECREASED Dropout rate by 3%

·  20 out of 26 Schools met AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress)


 Rev. Milton Biggham, Executive Director of Savoy Records and Founder of The Georgia Mass Choir, 

supports Dr. Anita Williams-Brown!!


Our Children: Their Education, Their Future, Their Lives

Reelect Dr. Anita Williams-Brown to the At-Large Seat on the Dougherty County School Board

By now, most of us know that Dr. Anita Williams-Brown is currently seeking re-election to the At-Large seat on the Dougherty County School Board. In recent weeks, she has visited many homes speaking with residents about her goal of  ensuring that the children of Dougherty County receive a quality education. While many of us have come to know her as an experienced educator with a great deal to offer the children in the school system, Dr. Williams-Brown’s credits extend far beyond the area of education. Dr. Williams-Brown is a person of high moral standing who has the respect and admiration of those who know her. She is the kind of person who stands for what is right and will not compromise her beliefs for the sake of politics or cliques. She has integrity. She will not compromise her principles or in other words “go along just to get along”. When we consider the fact that school board members are charged with making decisions that impact our children’s lives, we realize that these qualities are a must. Ultimately, what this means is that our children as well as our parents, teachers, and all other stakeholders will have someone on the school board who they can count on to make tough decisions, but those that are the right decisions. We can count on her to work on behalf of our children; to be the voice of all children, especially those whose educational needs often go unnoticed. When it comes to something as important as our children’s education, we cannot leave anything to chance. We cannot afford to take chances on those who really don’t know or understand the needs of our children. Our children’s lives cannot be put on hold while we wait for others to learn or accept the realities of their condition. Generally, people don’t fight for those they don’t  understand or believe in. Instead of compassion and understanding, they point their fingers and blame the condition on the people themselves, a condition in which many have no control.  We must go with the person who already knows our children’s needs and is willing to fight for them because they know the circumstances and conditions many of our children face on a regular basis.We need the person with the educational background as well as the experience and most importantly the caring and compassion to go to work for our children. If we don’t reelect Dr. Anita Williams-Brown on July 31, we will be setting our children back years. We have come too far to go back. We must not forget those who have fought for them and will continue to fight for them. On July 31, reelect Dr. Anita Williams-Brown to the At-Large seat on the school board.

-- Gwendolyn Baker-Alford

Pastor Brown has been and continues to be a strong advocate for education! The children in your communities deserve to have an indiviual that cares about their educational path. As long as Pastor Brown supports public education, I will support her!

          - Bishop Stanton

 Dr. Anita Brown Williams dedicated thirty plus years to educating young people in this community. Her spiritual training and beliefs have also prepared her for the challenges that face public education. Where else can you find a person that understands the educational needs of children?  Dr. Brown can identify with  the many problems that come to school with  young people everyday and can work towards helping to solve those community based problems.

          - Pastor Walter Turner

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